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2010 Sundance Film Festival

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  • June Raphael
    June Raphael
  • Bridgetta Tomarchio
    Bridgetta Tomarchio
  • Laura Harring
    Laura Harring
  • Michelle Krusiec
    Michelle Krusiec
  • Tom Malloy
    Tom Malloy

Product Spotlight

Stars at the Sundance Film Festival were treated to a free SUNSHIELD SPF 15 daily-wear sunscreen. Read some of their feedback.

Dermal Renu Anti-Aging Skin Care System on Beauty Spaces!

The show Beauty Spaces, as seen on TLC and WE, selected Dermal Renu Anti-Aging Skin Care System to be the featured skin care product of the "New Year, New You" episode in January 2010. Watch it now!

GCI Magazine - June 2010

A Place in the Sun
Dermal Renu's daily wear sunscreen Sunshield is a complement to the brand's Anti-Aging Skin Care System, introduced earlier in 2010. The mineral-based sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection from sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays while fighting the signs of aging through a unique combination of ingredients.

The goal was to protect against total solar radiation—UV as well as infrared, while also addressing what happens to the skin after exposure. Click here to read the full article!

Dermal Renu Launches Sunshield First daily wear sunscreen with anti-glycation agents to slow signs of aging. Wellness Formulations, LLC, Cincinnati, OH, has launched Dermal Renu Sunshield daily wear SPF 15 sunscreen. This mineral-based sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection from sun damage caused by UVA/UVB rays... Click here to read more!

Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine

Overnight Anti-Glycation
Wellness Formulations LLC has developed Dermal Renu Advanced Skin Science, an anti-aging range using the company's delivery technology - a blend of polymers and elastomers that form a sheer matrix over skin to deliver ingredients. The Night Restore treatment is formulated with reported anti-glycation ingredients... Click here to read more!

Glycation and aging Glucose is a vital cellular fuel, but it can also can cause damage by randomly reacting with proteins and DNA. This process is called glycation and it can have negative consequences. Glycated enzymes often fail to work as well as they should or a glycated protein may lose its shape and become unstable. Scientists are beginning to more fully understand these processes and their contribution to aging and some cosmetic companies are honing in on glycation when formulating their antiaging potions and lotions. Click here to read more!

Anti-glycation agents proving popular in skincare By Katie Nichol, 06-Jan-2010 Continuing the trend for skincare products that target glycation, Wellness Formulations has launched Dermal Renu, a skincare line that claims to contain more anti-glycation agents than any other product currently on the market. Glycation occurs when the naturally occurring sugar molecules in the skin bond to a protein or lipid molecule without the controlling action of an enzyme. Click here to read more!

Beauty Spaces

Re-Nu Your Look for the New Year!

Because healthy skin care is so important to women, it is just as important to Beauty Spaces. So, to educate women on healthy ways of treating their skin and dealing with the aging process Wellness Formulations, makers of Dermal Renu® teamed up with Beauty Spaces for their New Year- New Attitude series. Click here to read more!

inside cosmeceuticals

Wellness Formulations LLC, a manufacturer in the development of health and wellness products, launched Dermal Renu® Advanced Skin Science, an anti-aging skincare system designed for women of all ages. Click here to read more!

Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine

Anti-Aging Skin Care System

The 60-day two-step, twice-daily skin care system for women of all ages and all skin types includes two CleanStart cleanse and preps, DayShield am treatment, NightRestore pm treatment, and SmoothReveal exfoliating gel. Click here to read more!

"I am enjoying the SUNSHIELD every day….It’s so light!"

-Pamela Holt, actress/producer

"I just started using your product and absolutely love it!"

-Rayne Marcus, actress

"I am loving the sunscreen!"

-Mary Harris, actress/producer

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