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A recent clinical study, conducted by a leading independent research firm, on panelists between the ages of 50 and 59 evaluated the effects of Dermal Renu Anti-Aging Skin Care System on skin glycation.

Skin Auto-Fluorescence (SAF), a marker of skin glycation, was measured initially and after 8 weeks.
Comparison study results showing % change of Skin Auto-Fluorescence (SAF)
Tested Area % SAF change after 8 weeks*
Treated 3.8% DECREASE in SAF levels
Non-Treated 4% INCREASE in SAF levels
*Lower SAF correlates to less glycation
At the end of 8 weeks, panelists treated with the Dermal Renu Anti-Aging Skin Care System showed a reduction in SAF when compared to panelists receiving no treatment.
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