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1. What makes the Dermal Renu approach to anti-aging skin care different
   from other products on the market?

The Dermal Renu anti-aging skin care system was designed to be advanced in its functionality yet simple and convenient to use and is an exceptional value. It addresses the critical signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, skin moisturization, firmness and smoothness, and evenness of skin color and tone. It contains antioxidants, moisturizing elements, peptides, and botanical extracts, as well as 4 anti-glycation agents that are continuously delivered through EnduriVeil« technology. Other popular skin care regimens are more complicated to use, require many more steps and products can cost over $400 dollars.

2. But if I use a skin care system with anti-oxidants will this help glycation?

There is a link between glycation and increased oxidation activity – especially at the cellular level. However, glycation is now seen by many researchers in this scientific area as more critical to skin health in the longterm then oxidation and even UV exposure. Recent experimental studies have suggested that the mechanism of glycation likely mediates structural and functional damage via oxidative stress in skin and other organs and can exacerbate the effects of UV radiation. The way we have come to view anti-oxidants in our diets, supplements and skin care products is the way we must come to view anti-glycation agents if we are truly to have a comprehensive anti-aging understanding. This is why Wellness Formulations, LLC has an active research program to understand glycation and identify effective ways to combat its harmful activity.

3. Can I use CLEANSTART to remove my eye makeup?

CLEANSTART is gentle, yet effective enough to be used over the eye area to remove eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascaras. CLEANSTART is effective in cleansing your skin without striping natural oils or causing irritation.

4. Why are there two CLEANSTARTS included in the Dermal Renu system?

In keeping the Dermal Renu system beautifully simple, we decided to provide two cleansers for your convenience. Consider keeping one bottle in the shower and one bottle at your vanity, or for women on the go, keep one in your travel bag so it’s always with you.

5. Can I just use the cleanser and day treatment or do I need to use the whole system?

Dermal Renu needs to be used as a complete system to experience significant results. The products in the complete system are designed to build off from one another to give your skin continuous treatment and protection all day and night. The only product that does not need to be used daily is the SMOOTHREVEAL which we recommend you use one to three times a week in place of the CLEANSTART.

6. Does Dermal Renu treat acne?

Dermal Renu is not a clinical acne treatment; however several of our users have seen a significant decrease in hormonal breakouts and a reduction in the appearance of breakout scars.

7. Can I put this in my carry-on bag when traveling by plane?

Yes. Airport regulations allow up to 3 oz. or less individual containers per traveler. Dermal Renu CLEANSTART is 1.7 oz., DAYSHIELD and NIGHTRESTORE are 1.2 oz., and SMOOTHREVEAL is 1.4 oz. The entire Dermal Renu® system fits inside a 1-quart sized plastic bag which is the limit of the total volume each airplane traveler can carry.

8. How does DAYSHIELD fight glycation?

DAYSHIELD includes a unique combination of 4 proven anti-glycation agents (Carnosine, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Plantago Extract, and Green Tea Extract) that provide the skin with a constant level of protection throughout the various stages of the glycation process.

Our glycation treatment is one of the many benefits of the Dermal Renu anti-aging skin care system. The system successfully combines anti-oxidants, peptides, botanical extracts, and moisturizing elements, as well as several other ingredients that are uniquely delivered into your skin to provide you with the perfect combination to reduce the aging process.

9. How do I apply DAYSHIELD?

With dry hands, use DAYSHIELD in the morning after you have cleansed with CLEANSTART and prior to applying makeup.

10. For sensitive eyes, is DAYSHIELD safe to use on the lid and underneath the eye?

Yes. DAYSHIELD should be used around the whole eye area to target the noticeable signs of aging. We do advise to avoid direct contact in the eye.

11. Do I need to use a moisturizer with this day treatment?

No. Included in the unique combination of ingredients in DAYSHIELD are specialized moisturizing elements such as Creatine Monohydrate. When using the Dermal Renu system, do not use any additional outside products as they will hinder the systems effectiveness.

12. Are both the day and night treatment hypo-allergenic?

All of the Dermal Renu system products have been tested thoroughly and are 100% free of irritants. It is suitable for all skin types and does not clog pores.

13. Will the night treatment clog my pores or cause breakouts while I sleep?

No. Dermal Renu is non-comedogenic. Actually, several Dermal Renu users have seen a significant decrease in breakouts and have even seen the fading of scars.

14. Is someone in their 60’s too old to use this product?

A woman in her 60’s is certainly not too old to use this product. That is one of the beauties of Dermal Renu; it treats all skin types and helps anyone in any stage of the aging process.

15. Can I use SMOOTHREVEAL more than 3 times a week?

Yes. You can use the exfoliating gel as often as you would like. We recommend using the product at least one to three times a week to help reveal the newly repaired skin as a result of the treatment. For those with sensitive skin, it would be beneficial to limit your use to 3 times per week to avoid any mild irritation.

16. You recommend using SMOOTHREVEAL 1 to 3 times per week. When is the best time to use it?

Our customers like to use SMOOTHREVEAL in the morning while in the shower so it is easy to wash away from the face and neck area. SMOOTHREVEAL should not be used directly on the eye area so we recommend using our exfoliating gel when not removing eye makeup.

17. Can I use Dermal Renu with other skin care products?

No. Using any other skin care product with the Dermal Renu system could work as counterproductive to the product’s effectiveness. We recommend only using additional skin care treatments if prescribed by a physician.

18. Will this dry my skin out in the winter?

With Dermal Renu there is no such thing as “winter skin”. Through the use of the system, your skin will be transformed into a healthy state with a constant balance of moisture, treatment, and protection to keep your skin looking radiant year round.

19. Do I need to use a cloth or pad to remove this cleanser?

CLEANSTART should simply be applied on wet skin and removed by rinsing with your hands. No pads or cloths are necessary.

20. Do you offer trial or sample sizes of the Dermal Renu Skin Care System?

Since Dermal Renu is not a “quick fix” product that simply covers up the signs of aging, you need to give the product an honest try to begin seeing the amazing long term results that our advanced skin care system provides. For this reason, we do not offer smaller samples of our product. We are so confident that this system will deliver the results you are looking for that we offer a 60-day risk free return policy to all of our first time customers.

21. Do you test your products on animals?

Wellness Formulations, LLC does not test any of our products on animals.

22. Your website indicates that your system is a good value. Why?

Dermal Renu is an advanced anti-aging system that rejuvenates your skin like no other product and is simple to use. The design of our treatment and cleansing bottles allow for virtually all of the contents to be utilized through our portion control airless technology and will last 60 days when used as directed. The complete system eliminates the need to purchase multiple products such as serums, peels, and moisturizers. If you compare our ingredients, functionality and usage with other systems you can see why we say it is an exceptional value.

23. What is special about Wellness Formulations, LLC that makes it different from other skin care companies?

Wellness Formulations, LLC is more than a skin care company. It is a holistic wellness company with a base in the pharmaceutical industry. We are integrated in such a way that we control everything from raw material discovery to final manufacturing and distribution. Since our history is in the pharmaceutical industry we adhere to stringent FDA cGMP guidelines in all our operational activities. While not unique in this marketplace it is very unusual.

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